Mobility Scooters

There are a great many scooters available from various suppliers, and we’re experts on picking the right one for you. We tend to refer to a few main categories:

  • Powered Chairs (4mph) – Only for pavements
  • Boot Scooters (4mph) – Small, compact and easy to disassemble (can fit in a car boot). Perfect for short distances, days out and around town. Not suitable for hills. Off-board charging, easy storage
  • Mid Range Scooters (4mph) – Medium to long distance, comfortable, only for pavements
  • Powered Scooters (6.25mph) – Can be used on the road
  • Large Scooters (8mph) – Can be used on the road, suitable for long distances and tougher terrain. They include lights, indicators, horn and superior suspension

When driving scooters, it is important to understand the Highway code. We provide a handy booklet with all the facts, legal requirements and best practices. The higher powered Scooters (6.25-8mph) have a speed limiter switch to enable use on the pavement, where the speed limit is 4mph. You do not need to hold a driving licence to use higher powered scooters on the road, but the vehicle must be registered with the DVLA.

Roma Medical Malaga

Pride Apex Rapid

Roma Medical Sovereign 4

Pride Colt Deluxe

Kymco Healthcare Maxer


We supply lightweight, foldable, manoeuvrable wheelchairs with puncture-proof tires. There are two categories to consider:

  • Transit (Attendent Propelled)
  • Self-Propelled

Days Medical Escape Lite

Days Medical Days Swift


  • Tri Wheel Walkers
  • Rollators

Days Medical Tri Wheel Walker

Days Medical Rollator 105

Days Medical Rollator Deluxe


We oversee the installation of stairlifts on a referral basis, but we’re always available to help and advise.

Rise-Recline Chairs

  • Single Action – The chair goes from “normal” to recline, i.e. the foot rest comes up and the chair reclines in one action
  • Dual Action – Foot rest and recline actions can be controlled independently, for more customised use

Pride D30 Comfort

Pride 670 Chairbed

Electric Beds

Beds present a number of options, some decorative and some functional, but all typical recommendations include 5-way profiling action allowing multi-positioning for supreme comfort. We’d love to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Daily Living Aids

There are countless innovations and all manner of items to help improve your comfort, safety and security at home, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or otherwise. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs so we can advise.